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Leaked Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant Video Not Made By Yahoo

Leaked Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant Video Not Made By Yahoo br>Leaked Voice Controlled Personal Assistant Video Not Made By YahooEarlier today, we brought you word that there was a leaked video which showed off the possibility of Yahoo"s plans for a voice-controlled personal assistant. Well, this particular rumor has more than meets the eye to it, as sources that are close to Yahoo has shared with The Verge that the app shown off in the leaked video itself was not developed by Yahoo.

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Yup, did you hear the pin drop? While the leaked video did show off a Yahoo-branded personal assistant app that ran on a smartphone with Android as the mobile operating system of choice, the person, or persons, behind this video is not under Yahoo"s payroll. Of course, this does not mean that we are writing off the possibility of a voice-controlled personal assistant from Yahoo in the long run, especially not after they have purchased SkyPhrase, a company that has its specialty in natural language recognition. In a nutshell, today"s leaked video would prove inconclusive to the big picture, and we do hope that time will tell eventually. Do you think that Yahoo's foray into the world of Google Now and Apple's Siri would allow them to be a major player, or will they be too far behind the game already to make any kind of significant impact?

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